At Least A Month, The Dubai Apple Store Opening Delayed

Residents of Dubai and surrounding areas have been all set to bask in the glory of living in the vicinity of the world’s largest Apple Retail Store. Revealed earlier this year in May, Apple is planning on not only launching its first Retail Store in the United Arab Emirates, but also making it the largest in the world to showcase its products and services to a highly captivated and enthusiastic UAE market. The latest information pertaining to the store is now suggesting that the bricks and mortar outlet is still happening, but that its grand opening has been delayed by at least a month.

Residents of the local area had initially been expecting the stunning flagship store to open at some point during the month of August. Now, it appears that the store, which will be located within The Mall of the Emirates, will not open until October or even possibly later. Everything else relating to the proposed store is apparently remaining unchanged with Apple expected to make a huge impact with not just this store but also with an additional location in Dubai situated in the Dubai Mall.

The entry into the United Arab Emirates market with an official Apple Retail Store location could see the beginning of a new revenue stream for the Cupertino based giant. Information that was made public earlier in the week suggested that the UAE had eventually bowed to pressure from Apple and made a change to its foreign ownership laws purely for Tim Cook’s company. One of the reasons that Apple hadn’t previously entered into that particular market was due to the fact that the ownership laws stated that at least 51-percent of the branch would need to be owned by Emiratis.


It seems that Apple’s successes around the world have put the company in a position where it can negotiate with local governments to allow it entry into previously untapped markets. The introduction into the UAE, could however have a negative impact on a number of official Apple resellers who do their business within The Mall of the Emirates and surrounding retail zones. That said, Mueez Rahman, a business development manager for a group that owns a chain of reseller outlets, doesn’t subscribe to the opening of the Apple Store as a negative:

Tourists may want to visit the Apple store, but most people in the UAE will be buying from their local shops.

Let’s hope there is enough business for Apple and competing companies to trade harmoniously side by side.
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Galaxy Note 5 Android Samsung Brand Has A Design Flaw

As part of the physical design of its new Galaxy Note 5 flagship, Samsung introduced a new spring-loaded mechanism that allows users to store, as well as reintroduce the S Pen when they desire. However, it seems that user error can not only negate the benefits of the new feature, but can actually cause permanent damage to the handset if the S Pen is inserted incorrectly.

The nifty little feature within the Galaxy Note 5 is extremely simple, but actually pretty awesome as well. The designated slot located at the bottom of Samsung’s latest alphabet allows the S Pen to be neatly inserted out of sight, with an integrated spring-based mechanism that pops the stylus back out when a user applies a slight pressure at the insertion point. Simple, but effective. A number of users have been arguing that its design is a little flawed, suggesting that if the S Pen is inserted the wrong way around, it can be become lodged in the new slot and cause lasting damage.

The problem seems to occur when the S Pen becomes lodged due to the slot being crafted to fit the ergonomics of the pen when entered in with the skinny end first. If inserted with the broader end first, releasing the pen requires a fairly substantial amount of force, which certain users have claimed causes permanent damage to the Note 5’s detection feature. As we know, the S Pen detection feature is designed to launch various apps or menu systems when the stylus is removed and the display is either powered on or off. Insertion of the S Pen the wrong way appears to break this feature.


Samsung has yet to comment on the situation but it seems like a relatively trivial problem, one that can be avoided by just using the stylus as it was meant to be; that is don’t insert the S Pen the wrong way around. With that said, when the burden of responsibility lies on the end-user, history has shown us that problems do occur and it’s generally left to the manufacturer to take all of the heat. Here’s hoping that Samsung provides a sensible response to this issue, and in time.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Features Video

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Free Tips for Marketing to Millennials

One key element that justifies Millennial domination of the marketplace is the fact this new marketing style – which we’ll delve into in just a minute – isn’t just a fad. Here, we’ll discuss 8 important tactics for marketing to the demographic of the hour and explain why these tactics are lasting ones.

Facebook Friends Picture

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uTorrent App or Software May No Longer Be Completely Free, Soon

Soon, uTorrent May No Longer Be Completely Free
If you’re a BitTorrent user, then the chances are good that you either use uTorrent, or have used it in the past. With 150 million users, the software is the world’s most popular application for downloading from BitTorrent, which means that it’s raking in a tidy sum of money, right?
Well, not necessarily.

After being supported by allowing other developers to bundle their apps alongside the uTorrent installer – though installation of these apps was optional – and getting paid for it, that revenue model was found to be less than solid when some of the apps were flagged by anti-virus software recently, which in turn meant that the uTorrent.exe file itself was classified as malware as well. In the wake of that, and having its website blacklisted in part by Google as a result, the people behind the uTorrent app have started to explore other ways of making money, though it would seem that they aren’t yet sure exactly what that will look like.
While the company stops short of saying that it will start charging for the uTorrent app, it surely has to be one of the options on the table.
In a recent blog post, the uTorrent folks said that they “want to find a way to improve uTorrent for our customers while financially supporting the amazing team that works every day to make uTorrent great.” Quite what that will look like is unclear at this time, however.


There’s one thing that we do know, though – the uTorrent team doesn’t want anything to be behind the scenes here, judging by the three goals it outlined in the aforementioned blog post.

  1. Continue to make uTorrent the best torrent client available
  2. Provide our users with clear options for supporting uTorrent (with options for every budget)
  3. Be open and transparent throughout the entire process

Would you be willing to pay for the next version of uTorrent, or would you prefer something like a new ad-driven model to keep the app afloat? Call us cynical, but we find it hard to believe too many uTorrent fans would want to stump up a reasonable amount of money to keep things ticking over.
We’re ready to be proven wrong, though.
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How is iPhone 6s Plus Box Packing Looks Like. Retail Box Allegedly Leaked

Well, there’s the packaging to consider, of course. With the packaging in mind, a new low-quality photograph has been thrust into the public domain, and allegedly shows off Apple’s official product packaging for its upcoming iPhone 6s Plus.
The image isn’t the best quality leak that we will ever see, but if it represents the final part of the iPhone 6s Plus, then it definitely shows us enough to give an indication of what to expect. And let’s be honest here, the iPhone packaging has remained fairly consistent over the years and that doesn’t look like it’s about to change. The photograph depicts a very familiar looking white box, sized perfectly to fit in one of Apple’s iPhones and accompanying accessories. No space wasted here, as usual.

The box in the image is shown in its unfolded state and clearly shows the name of the device with the “s” encased in a square as was the case when the iPhone 5s launched. The top of this particular box appears to show a gold iPhone with a previously unseen wallpaper on the display of the device that shows a majestic black and gold fish. It’s likely that the different boxes for various color options will show a different device, and possibly a different wallpaper. What’s interesting though, is the rather thinner than usual material for the packaging that can be seen here.


So, nothing really new or unexpected there; the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus will come in a box like all of Apple’s previous iPhones. However, what is new is that the same report is suggesting the iPhone 6s will ship with a reduced battery capacity. The current iPhone 6 model comes equipped with a 1800 mAh, with the 6s Plus packing a 2910 mAh variant. The report suggests that the iPhone 6s’ battery capacity will be reduced to 1715 mAh, with the larger 6s Plus coming with a 2750 mAh power source.
If the speculations manage to hold their weight, then it’s highly likely that Apple has found a way to increase the power efficiency of the new models rather than launching a device that has a regression in battery life over previous models. As always, we need to take these unverified leaks with a fairly substantial pinch of salt, but with that said, there’s nothing entirely far-fetched or out of the ordinary here to suggest this isn’t a legitimate report.
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